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Check back for new rants as I do not have much content and  absolutely NO cheap imported garbage to resell.


Trout fishing tips

August is upon us. Time for the terrestrials such as hopper patterns, ant and spider patterns.  

Check for hatches (such as May flies, Stoneflies, caddis flies...) on your local river using google...many good sites out there. Orvis is good site for western waters. Local fly shop websites will also give an idea what to buy or tie. Examples of  good reference sites... http://www.troutnut.com/hatches


Or just google fly hatch charts or similar topic.

Fishing the Squirmy Wormy

Fishing any pattern in a creek and catching 100 brook trout or cutthroat trout does not mean you have a good pattern. Fish in most creeks here in Montana will touch anything that hits the water from pine needles, grass, and even tree bark pieces.

Any nymphing rig should work with your fly fishing rig, double nymph with a strike indicator, a big floating fly for an indicator with a dropper for your nymph, or just the squirmy, adding split shot if needed.

For spinning, spin cast and bait casting rigs... use a spoon/spinner such as panther martin, Mepps or other with hooks removed and fly tied on as a dropper. I myself use a spinning bubble 10lb test mono with a swivel and tie 3lb tippet or mono to swivel about 18 inches long. You may also use rubber bands knotted to the line in two places one 18 inches above the nymph/wet fly and another at desired depth to stop the spinning bubble. You use the wedge type spinning bubble to add water so you can cast a fly with gear other than a fly rod. This works with most flies you cannot cast with spinning, spin cast or casting gear due to the weight issues. OHH... Almost forgot if you have never used spinning bubbles use the clear ones that have a clear tube through the center that wedges and allows for adding of water for casting weight... use just enough water to cast. You may add split shot close to your nymph if there is current so you can get the nymph down to the fish. 


Something I am starting to notice...the lack of native English content writers.   Might be a niche for you to explore. I plan on writing an article here on the topic and posting today Thursday the 4th of May 2017 or sometime in the next few days anyway.  I will be working on it and will refresh as I go along.  To serve the purpose as a sample of my writing and also generate some interest in the site.

So I will rant a little here. About the problems of allowing non native english speakers in companies such as google. Though they may have the degree they never possess the ability to use the English language properly. All too often these folks are hired as freelancers to judge websites, ads, etc by American companies. This should not be allowed. I do believe that non natives will possess a prejudice towards REAL Americans and will spite you at every step. Though you will never prove childish behavior such as that or never realize you are a victim of it. Competing is hard enough w/o enabling companies to dictate what can and cannot be seen on the internet. Usually you have problems because of the quality standards they use. Which is nothing more than someone's personal viewpoint. So getting your business established online w/o their blessing is impossible. If you are lucky enough to have contact with them... their tone is very belligerent and rude. They are hostile towards you because you refuse to comply...This needs changed. The internet giants are granting favors only to other giants or those that pay for their advertising...the rest of us are stuck hanging cards on bulletin boards or begging a little space from someone who is established...totally unfair. So I have sowed some seeds with the proper legal folks and will see what happens. I will never gain financially from this, BUT I may live to see a giant toppled ;)...

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