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Squirmy Wormy Fly

Commercial and Retail Squirmy Wormy Fly tying

I tie and sell the squirmy wormy fly on Ebay at retail prices. I tie a better fly than 90% of the tiers selling this pattern on Ebay. You will see many inferior products here. Some are using cheap wire hooks and sewing thread. Will not last 10 casts. I use only good quality Danville or UTC thread for my Squirmy Wormy Fly patterns. Superior hooks like MFC, J.Stockard, Dai Rikki, Mustad, and  Eagle Claw. I use mostly MFC, Dai Rikki, and J.Stockard on my squirmy wormy fly patterns.I can use premium hooks like Tiemco, Gamakatsu, and Daiichi. At this writing the premium hooks will be extra and require a lead time of up to 4 weeks. 

If you are a shop, guide, eBay seller, or retailer submit your email HERE for a sample, lead times, and pricing. I focus on quality well tied flies with premium materials. I have no desire to try and compete with inferior fly manufacturers. If a quality fly for the best fishing experience is what you want, feel free to contact me.

My Squirmy Wormy Fly on eBay

My Squirmy Wormy Fly on eBay

My eBay

Freelance services

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Freelance Services

Freelance Services

About me

American Fly Tyer and Freelancer

I work whenever I can tying flies...I work as a social media marketer also.


I tie the Squirmy Wormy fly as it is easy to ship and samples can be mailed by postal letter. That is the no bead san juan worm variant. 

Fly tying is my main gig but I will do manual web scraping (businesses only), web search and research, content writing, ebay and amazon listing (non automated) and other virtual assistant tasks... websites, social media marketing,, google adwords. Rate  is $14/ hour. Montana businesses inquire for discount rate.

My upwork profile: Troy B.

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I deliver fast, I am trustworthy and do my best to complete any task I agree to. I work to get your cost per click to as low as possible. Goal is $0.10

Commercial fly Tying

Sign up if a guide or flyshop. General inquiries use DROP US A LINE BUTTON

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