Welcome, A Fly tier of Squirmy Wormy Fly San Juan worm variant

Daily Rant

Check back for new rants as I do not have much content and  absolutely NO cheap imported garbage to resell....I am a fly tier of the squirmy wormy fly, woolie burgers, and other patterns.  But mostly those two patterns. Commercial orders ok either 10 dozen lots or a monthly order of 3 dozen or more. Price on request.

Winter is here and most people do not fish. Check regs for river you want to fish. Most rivers now have floating ice that makes fishing impossible. Wait for the warm ups and look for open water close to access sites.  The Bitterrroot where i live has a whitefish season. Maggots aquatic insects and artificials only....again check regs. The fishing access at Stevi has reverted to private ownership unsure exactly what intent was. There is still a way to get on river but walk in only. They have a spot also to put in take out boats....drive to parking lot and walk down road to see if your driving skills allow access here.  


On the freelance side of things....well disappointing is an understatement if I had any advice for someone desiring to do freelancing....find some other way to offer services than the freelance sites. They are designed to take your money...The affiliate that redirected you from their blog...9 chances out of 10 never completed one gig or spent one week searching for a gig...the only thing they do is research topics that they know nothing about and blog about it. All this just  trying to get you to click on a link.... then they get paid when you sign up and buy something. Not to mention that scammers recruit there as well...e.g. craigslist poster... you cannot post ads on craigslist as an agent...PERIOD...I saw many others and I am approached daily by scammers on freelancer.com...at least on fiverrr you have way less time wasting idiots but the number of freelancers on site is high...like on eBay when selling that book you have....it may take a few months to land a gig on fiverr...You will starve if you do not have something else going so don't quit your day job! ;)))

Something I am starting to notice...the lack of native English content writers.   Might be a niche for you to explore. I plan on writing an article here on the topic and posting today Thursday the 4th of May 2017 or sometime in the next few days anyway.  I will be working on it and will refresh as I go along.  To serve the purpose as a sample of my writing and also generate some interest in the site.

If you have a project let me know and I will give an hourly rate for the work. If it is something I feel I can do.  The things you do not have time for like eBay, amazon, etc. I can proofread for you and let you know if current worker is non native poser. I do not need to log your website or stores to do this. So many workers from overseas ripping off American online retail and small business...Pathetic...see this whenever I browse the web.  I can help fix the problem but most likely would need permissions from you to do so. Usually my rates will run $12-15/hour.  I do not do commission, contract, set price or piece work. Hourly only... prorated by the minute.

About me

American Fly Tyer and Freelancer

I work whenever I can tying flies...I work casual laborer sometimes too.


Fly tying is my main gig but I will do manual web scraping, web search, content writing, ebay and amazon listing (non automated) and other virtual assistant tasks...locally I do casual labor, yard and house chores...Washing windows, cleanup, mow the lawn, mason tender, concrete placement, form stripping, construction site cleanup, concrete breaking, etc,

American grit

I deliver fast, I am trustworthy and do my best to complete any task I agree to.


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