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When you see the companies needing "Native English American Content Writer".  This means that they  want you to be BORN in the USA. This means not naturalized.   The same goes if requirements are For Canadian, Australian or British native.    I write and proofread what I can.  My grammar is not perfect and neither is most of the stuff I see out there.  Just one of those things ya know.... do what you can with what you got.   If it is not good enough then the best thing for you to do is find someone else. As you do not run a school and I do not want to be your student.   I am not interested in secondhand deals. What I mean by that is I do not want to work for another freelancer who got the job from another freelancer who got it from yet another.   I turn these  deals down straightaway.  I work for the principal only! Neither am I going to work for someone that checks with computerized proofreaders.   As I do that myself and some of the corrections just do not jive.   I find that folks that use English as their second language do this.  I can tell by their writing they use a computerized proofreader.



This is so vast.  You could go on for weeks about this one.   My background in different hobbies and workplace scenarios can generate quite a list in itself.     Maybe something I will update is with a list of my experiences so you know what I know something about..   Everything else will have to be researched and presented in a manner of another dummy helping another dummy. 

Together we can learn something.;)))



I will start with $25 dollar retainer for first hour of writing/research. Minimum 1 hour.  Then if you need more or want steady stream of content we will negotiate using guidelines like has been stated here:

We will not do the .01/word regurgitated garbage that freelancers pass around on the freelance sites...Like I said principals only.   So contact me with with your email@mycompanydomain and we will get along well...otherwise expect to hit the trash or spam  list...cheerios ;)))

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