Squirmy Wormy Worm Fly

The "one fly"

The "one fly"... as most avid and active anglers know, is that fly you use in local one fly tournaments...The worm fly is a popular choice...The San Juan Worm being a top list favorite...I believe the squirmy wormy fly pattern to be at least one level higher.

The original squirmy wormy pattern was the idea of Dave Hise of North Carolina. The fly has become a popular one that many fisherman will revert to on slow days.  

Some Fly fisherman are just a little to fanatical to fish worm patterns.  The challenge of "matching" the hatch being the fun for them.  Many of us just do not care and will throw what is catching fish. That in all likelihood will be a worm or nymph pattern in early spring, fall or early winter. Many swear by midges and  wooly buggers. But if I was putting together an under the seat fishing bag....the squirmy wormy would be in that kit for sure. 

Fishing is supposed to be fun. And regardless of what people say, catching fish is a lot more fun than spending hours just feeling like you don't know how to fish.

Bulk Tying

I can tie in 3 dozen lots for fly shops inquire for pricing and lead time.

Commercial fly tying is what I prefer over retail sales. So hit me up if you just do not want to take time away from the family or running your business.

For 3 dz lots I would do $.90/fly for 1st time orders. $.85/fly for repeat and $.80 for a monthly commitment. Minimum 3 months.

You can buy from me  and market anyway you like. Knowing you are getting a superior product when compared to overseas production benches.

My top Ebay seller

The squirmy wormy outsells my other patterns 5 to 1 on my eBay shop.  Many fisherman claim that this is the only fly they have actually seen trout move to...A larger strike zone for trout is unusual.

Fast Turnaround

If supplies are on hand I can ship within 3 days for 10 dozen... if I have to order supplies to complete your order expect lead  time of at least 10 days

Supply your fly shop or guide service

3 fly sample sz #14 $5 to all Fishermen,  Fly Shop or guide service USA, $8 Canada and International. Shipped via USPS letter..use inquiry form below with your PayPal email.   International guys please send address as appears on envelope (3 lines) so I can make label by copy and paste into word. Then I can print and tape onto the  envelope. This way  saves mistakes. I know this from experience...I only have Blood Red for samples at the moment other colors should be available soon...bookmark and  check back. 

As many International buyers know, the risk for postal theft is very high with packages. So letter, Fed ex or UPS works best. The problem with the letter is no tracking. Couriers like UPS and Fed ex are very expensive also.  

Contact me if you want to buy in quantity, regardless of where you are.


1. Do I have UPC code for this Item?

 No...not at this time

2. Do you accept one time Bulk Orders?

Yes...but I will be disappointed if you do not reorder in same year

3.  Do you offer in different sizes? No... as proportions other than #14 just do not appeal to me.

Contact Me-Bulk and samples

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